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The TRIKMAN provide services as follows.

1. Our design center is equipped to provide Engineering and Tool design services. Our designs are known to be error proof for manufacturing and delivering First Time Right product.
i. We design automotive and white good panels, brackets press tools having draw, trim, pierce, flange operations as well we design frame component and cross member and long member press tooling having blanking and forming operation.
ii. We design inspection gauges for above mentioned part s as well Bend tubes, drilled tubes, machined part, forged parts, castings
iii. We do multi-gauging fixture for any parts.
iv. Fixture design for welding operations, machining operations, mechanical assemblies.

2. Our technical services cell provides services in press tools and welding fixture for their refurbishment to give them new life with quality output assurance.

3. Our training cell provides customized training in the area of press shops, weld shop, machine shops to enhance efficiency, knowledge base, safety of operation, repair and maintenance of their equipments.

4. We establish tooling, fixtures and gauges maintenance system which delivers work sheet to take corrective action and maintain history of equipment.

Our TRIKMAN Training school class room training provides training programs as follows:

1. Certified Manufacturing Technologist : It is a finishing program designed to make new engineers ready to take up assignment immediately on stating of his 1st day in manufacturing environment. This is evening class room program suitable for working and non working students. This is 200 hours program conducted 4 days a week 2:30 hours a day.

2. Tool Designs : This program has been designed to transform 3D CAD modelers to effective and efficient designers. This cover all theoretical aspect of press tools and fixtures, gauges. This is 50 hours fast track program conducted 2 days a week for 2 hours a day.

3. Customized Training
is designed for specific needs of the student and organization. Our entire training program builds confidence in team to deliver only excellence.

Our Product, Services and Training school are poised to deliver best knowledge based services; this will bring more excellence in to the product you make. We provide product development assistance services to design product which will be cohesive for tooling development, and which will provide best resources yield during process, provide rigid manufacturing process to deliver consistently good quality of product. Please call us for your any manufacturing need, we shall be really obliged. We look forward to bring more excellence for you.